Schönberg Residence by Dialect Design, LLC
Curiously hovering red boxes are sure to do a couple of things, slow down traffic and tickle the sensibilities of a traditional neighborhood. Charlotte, NC based design + build firm, Dialect Design, has created an unapologetically sophisticated wing for the Schönberg residence. A modern climbing library flanked by three exceptionally appointed bedrooms, a lustrous acrylic countered bathroom, and bearing Dialect’s unconventional approach to materials and construction, was designed for the Schönbergs’ 4, 7, and 11 year-old daughters. The library’s summit is expertly nestled in the treetops and the space is fashioned of bookcases acting as cushioned benches, tall steps, and undulated ceilings. Its construction of recessed “boxes within boxes” reveals shadow lines that seemingly float the shelves inside the library walls. The whimsy of red boxes slicing through the addition, perforated aluminum sunshades, and a flat roof and visually seamless aluminum downspout/scupper harmonizes beautifully with the rest of the house.